ECOalition has a variety of ways for you to participate.


Attend a Town Hall

  • Purpose: To encourage interaction and collaboration among ECOalition member organizations on general topics.
  • 2 Each Quarter
  • Open Discussion
  • All Individuals and Groups Invited.
  • Open to non-member groups/individuals

Become a Member

  • Any campus groups related to/focused on the environment and/or who has organized at least one environmental project that year may become a member of ECOalition.
  • Members admitted by Council
    • Proposed members should submit a brief paragraph describing their organization and why they want to be a member to the ECOalition. This will be disseminated to Council.
    • The Council wanted to emphasize that the group should strive for inclusivity and only in rare cases not allow a group to join the Council.
  • New Members are encouraged to present at town hall meetings
  • ECOalition cannot officially endorse a political figure/group; however, we permit political presentations at our meetings so long as they address aspects of sustainability. From there, individual organizations are free to endorse political figures/groups independently of ECOalition.