As part of the Associate Students Green Bill, PACES assessed the Isla Vista Tenants Union during Winter 2014 and outlined the results of the assessment as well as recommendations for future action in its Sustainability and Climate Action Plan.

Number of Staff: 1, plus 8 governing board members

Certification Level: Silver (43/75 applicable points)

Areas of Leadership: 

  • Members mainly commute by bike, foot or skateboard
  • Occupants utilize natural light when possible, reducing the use of overhead lighting
  • The organization purchases compostable utensils and utilizes reusable dishware
  • The organization purchases environmentally-preferable non-toxic whiteboard markers and cleaning products
  • The organization interacts with local businesses, such as the Isla Vista Food Co-op
  • The organization gives preference to Energy Star certified electronic equipment when making purchases
  • Exceptional waste management infrastructure is in place in the kitchen area (same size recycling bin as trash bin, along with an e-waste bin and compost bin)
  • The organization solicits feedback from members regarding sustainability practices


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