February 3rd through February 28th, 2020

How the Competition Works

Save energy for your Residence Hall or Apartment complex by taking simple actions like turning off the lights & taking the stairs. The Residence Hall or Apartment complex with the greatest reductions in energy use at the end of the competition will be crowned “Coolest UCSB Residence Hall.”

Participating students living in the winning halls will be invited to a celebrational event and will be entered to win amazing prizes.  Help take home the win! Here’s how:  

1. Sign up & Pledge to Reduce Your Energy Use
2. View the competition dashboard to see how your Residence Hall or Apartment is doing 

Energy Dashboard

2019 Winners

2019 Prize Winners

2019 Residence Hall & Apartment Complex Energy Competition Winners

1st Place: Santa Catalina Hall  - Saved over 4194 kWh of energy in 4 weeks. That's the equivalent of what 2 people use in an entire year!

2nd Place:  Manzanita Village - Saved 1429 kWh in 4 weeks.