• Increase awareness of sustainability, particularly to incoming students.
  • Continue collecting data for impressions of the public relations campaign.
  • Continue our Quarterly newsletter
  • Partner with the Subcommittee on the Zero Waste campaign.
  • Share sustainability plans among local cities and larger corporations within the local area, such as the
    Santa Barbara Municipal Airport, City of Goleta, and Deckers. This collaboration on future sustainability
    plans should enhance each organization’s plan and build a cohesive sustainability effort in our region.
  • Ensure that internship, educational, and funding opportunities are shared with underrepresented groups
    on campus.
  • Ensure that when there are opportunities to give feedback on campus planning projects, underrepresented
    communities are asked for advice and guidance.
  • Continue our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram campaign.
  • Maintain and enhance the UCSB Sustainability website.
  • Continue our partnership with the Environmental Affairs Board to deliver presentations