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The Sustainability Change Agent Communications Team is a Chancellor’s Sustainability Committee Subcommittee in academic years 2010/2011, 2011/2012, and 2012/2013.


LeeAnne Kryder (Writing Program), Kristen LaBonte (Library), Mo Lovegreen (UCSB Sustainability), Britt Ortiz (Early Academic Outreach), Alex Parraga (Office of Public Affairs), Margaret Rankin (Library), Andrew Riley (Student Affairs), Sarah Siedschlag (AS Recycling), Jewel Snavely (Chair, UCSB Sustainability), Alex Regan (Library)

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Increase visibility and education to our internal and external stakeholders to promote a “culture of sustainability” which integrates sustainability into the daily habits of the campus community and encourages active participation with students, faculty, and staff.


The Chancellor’s Sustainability Committee (CSC) recognized a need to educate our own campus as well as the local community about UCSB’s sustainability accomplishments, so they formed the Communications Subcommittee with the charge of identifying noteworthy campus sustainability information and promoting it to the campus, local community, state, and nation.