During the 2008-2009 funding cycle 34 projects applied, requesting a total of $984,000. Of those projects, 12 were awarded funds totaling $141,000 and 10 accepted their awards.

Save a Tree – Stop Junk Mail ($5,000.00)

This project will reduce the amount of junk mail received by Mail Services that just ends up in the trash.

Shower Minders ($5,800.00)

This pilot project will install devices on all the shower heads in one Residence Hall that will notify the user when they have reached a certain time in the shower in hopes of reducing water and energy use in the building.

Fume Hood Sash Stickers ($807.00)

This project will install stickers on fume hoods in labs around campus to remind users to lower their sashes in order to save energy.

The Real Food Challenge ($15,300.00)

This project will increase the amount of “real” food – food that is local, ethically produced, ecologically sound, and humane – in campus dining.

Energy Efficiency of the ESB Cleanroom ($30,002.00)

The cleanroom in the ESB is one of the largest users of energy on campus. This project will attempt to work with cleanroom users to modify their behavior and reduce energy consumption.

LED Lights for Embarcadero Hall ($7,000.00)

Stage lighting for Embarcadero Hall will be replaced with LEDs. The LED lights will not only reduce the energy consumed, but reduce the total number of lights needed. Plus, lecturers and performers will remain cooler while in the spotlight.

Campus Sustainability Champion ($11,135.40)

This project will create a faculty sustainability champion who will increase awareness of sustainability among the academic and research communities and link these communities with campus administration to create a more holistic approach to sustainability at UCSB.

Program for the Assessment and Certification for the Environment and Sustainability (PACES) ($3,400.00)

Formerly called Support our Sustainability (SOS). This program will send students to campus departments to assess their level of sustainability and offer suggestions for improving.

DNA Storage Technology ($2,000.00)

This pilot project will install room temperature DNA storage in several labs across campus in an effort to reduce the need for super-cold freezers on campus.

Reducing Organic Solvents from Organic Chemistry Labs ($45,000.00)

This project will attempt to replace organic solvents from chemistry experiments reducing the danger of these chemicals to students/researchers and the amount of hazardous waste produced by the labs.