Voting Members

  • Co-Chair, AVC DFSS, RenĂ©e Bahl
  • Co-Chair, Faculty, Ken Hiltner
  • Academic Senate Chair, Susannah Scott 
  • Faculty at Large, Julie Maldonado 
  • Faculty at Large, Sangwon Suh 
  • Faculty Member, Bren School, Roland Geyer
  • Faculty Member, Carsey-wolf Center for Film, Television and New Media, Melody Jue
  • Faulty Member, Bren School, Patricia Holden
  • Faculty Member, Geography, Jennifer King
  • Faculty Member, David Pellow 
  • Campus Librarian, Kristin Antelman 
  • Staff Representative, Krista Fritzen
  • Staff Representative, Gildas Halle 
  • Graduate Student Association (GSA) Representative, Cali Pfleger
  • EAB Undergraduate Representative, Bella Ponce, Leanne Ly (alternate)
  • EJA Student Representative, Jahlia Layton
  • AS Undergraduate Representative, Luna Santiago
  • Campus Architect, Julie Hendricks
  • Budget & Planning, Chuck Haines
  • VC Administrative Services, Garry Mac Pherson

Advisors to the Committee    

  • Sustainable University Now (SUN), Richard Flacks
  • Nobel Laureate, Alan Heeger

Consultants to the Committee    

  • Procurement Director, Jacob Godfrey
  • Public Affairs, Shelly Leachman
  • Campus Sustainability Director,  Katie Maynard 

Staff to the Committee    

  • Campus Sustainability Manager, Jewel Persad

Archived Membership