Chancellor’s Sustainability Internships


The Chancellor’s Sustainability Internships are capstone programs available to undergraduate students (primarily Juniors and Seniors) who seek to advance sustainability goals on campus or in the local community. Student teams will be awarded each year; half for proposals that facilitate implementation of the Campus Sustainability Plan and half for proposals that facilitate sustainability goals in the local community. This program is sponsored by the William E. Weiss Foundation.  Selected internship teams will receive $1,700 to support their project.


1) Encourage undergraduate initiatives for campus and community-level sustainability projects;

2) Offer students in all academic disciplines an opportunity to actuate and apply their education in sustainability and gain practical experience; and

3) Facilitate partnerships among faculty, staff, students, and the community.

The Chancellor’s Sustainability Internships will also help increase awareness of environmentally sustainable development; create an Institutional Culture of Sustainability; and educate for environmentally responsible citizenship, the first three commitments under the Talloires Declaration signed by Chancellor Barbara Uehling.