Sustainability aims to " the needs of present generations without jeopardizing the needs of future generations. A better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come. It offers a vision of progress that integrates immediate and longerĀ­ term needs, local and global needs, and regards social, economic and environmental needs as inseparable and interdependent components of human progress (European Commission, 2006)." UCSB sustainability is committed to ensuring that sustainability programs are representative and inclusive and will strive to ensure collaborative and inclusive processes that are driven by the contributions of diverse voices and perspectives. 


DEI Statement

UCSB Sustainability is committed to Justice centered Diversity Equity & Inclusion. We will work to directly address racism and all forms of discrimination. We will ensure collaborative and inclusive processes where our sustainability work is driven by the contributions of diverse voices and perspectives. We are at the early stages of doing this work. Please read the full statement and see our list of initial action items at the end of the statement for more clarity on how we intend to start the process of addressing these important issues.

ELF Team

Educating Future Leaders

Educating Future Leaders (ELF) Program inspires youth to pursue sustainable academic and career pathways. We do this through classroom presentations in local highschools and through after school programs.  Sustainability is being integrated into every sector of our economy and every major in higher education and yet not enough programs are preparing our youth for this shift. More youth will also be inspired to go to college when they learn how their studies can be relevant to their own lives.

aerial photo of the Student Resource Building and the Lagoon

AASHE STARS Assessment

Received a  6.2 out of 8 in the Diversity and Affordability section of the AASHE STARS Assessment. Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to gauge relative progress toward sustainability (including its social, economic, and environmental components).  

Hispanic Serving Institution

Federally designated at a Hispanic Serving Institution by the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities.  First campus in the AAU to receive this designation.




In Fall 2020, 65% of our freshman class was composed of minorities.

Food Security


Partnership between UCSB Sustainability and the UCSB Food Security and Basic Needs Taskforce