The Educating Leaders for the Future (ELF) Program inspires youth to pursue sustainable academic and career pathways.  We do this through classroom presentations in local highschools and through after school programs.  Sustainability is being integrated into every sector of our economy and every major in higher education and yet not enough programs are preparing our youth for this shift.   More youth will also be inspired to go to college when they learn how their studies can be relevant to their own lives. Sustainability is a great way to highlight this link. Our focus is on youth and families who have limited access to sustainability-based or environmental education.

Classroom Presentations
Environmental Modules at La Cuesta Continuation School

College student showing worms to elementary school students
After School Programs


Isla Vista Outreach

Internship Program
College students helped to found and currently co-led this program with non-student mentors

The program is organized in partnership between the Early Academic Outreach and the Sustainability Programs of UCSB.