The Health and Wellness Program strives to encourage sustainability through healthy living and buying locally sourced, organic food products. Health and Wellness Interns and Leaders are responsible for facilitating all workshops, marketing, tabling, events, and field trips. Interns are responsible for infusing UCSB with positive, proactive, evidence-based health and wellness messages and activities. Some past peer-to-peer outreach activities include educating students on Healthy Eating and Living (HEAL) that included spreading awareness of the importance of eating sustainable, locally sourced, organic food. The program provided fruit bowls on campus to students and worked with the local Bragg Health Institute to allow students to have access to sustainable, healthy foods. Health and Wellness Interns also educate students on how to practice smart, sustainable shopping at local farmers markets and work with the local food co-op. The program also works with the Residence Hall Association Leadership to select a Health and Wellness Chair (HAWC) in each residence hall to bridge Residential Life and Health and Wellness programs by providing information, programming, and resources to their peers. Each quarter, Health and Wellness interns and student leaders track the number of students that attend each event put on by the Health and Wellness program. These numbers are then totaled to approximate the number of students served by the program. All Health and Wellness programs are open to all students on campus, but the interns primarily target the undergraduate population and send staff representatives to address any requests from the graduate student population.

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