A photo of Sofia smiling outside with plants in the background.

UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative Climate Resilience Fellow
Edible Campus Program Garden Operations Coordinator


Hello! My name is Sofia Hernandez and I am in my fourth year at UCSB. I am an Environmental Studies major with an emphasis on sustainable communities. I love learning and am very committed to my academics. I came to UCSB because I was passionate about the environment and wanted to study the effects of climate change, along with how communities around the world can mitigate and adapt to these impacts. This is what piqued my interest in UCSB’s Climate Resilience Fellowship. Currently, I am exploring methods to enhance the resilience of our campus community – specifically in the face of climate hazards and disasters. Climate hazards are predicted to become more frequent in the future, and as such it is important for our community to continually evaluate its preparedness for these events. Additionally, my fellowship focuses on the inclusion of demographics that are disproportionately impacted by climate change in discussions regarding climate action and resilience. Apart from my academics and my fellowship, I enjoy spending time outdoors, music, movies, and rollerskating.