The Sustainability Change Agent Food Team is a Chancellor’s Sustainability Committee Subcommittee in academic year 2011/2012,  2012/2013, and 2013/2014.


Danielle kemp (Co-chair), Sue Hawkins (Co-chair), James Acebu, Steffen Gauglitz, Jamie Herrera, Danielle Kemp, Mo Lovegreen, Matthew O’Carroll, Mark Rousseau, Sara Sideschlag

Coalition Members/Collaborators:

Roane Akchurin, Ashley Audycki, Hazel Ando, David Cleveland, Connie Chan, Melissa Cohen, Chris Costello, Robert Deacon, Laila DiGuilio, George Foulsham, Katie Freeze, Ruth Garcia Guevara, Steve Gaines, , Sue Hawkins, Joanna Hill, Jill Horst, Aaron Jones, Danielle Kemp, Kristen LaBonte, John Lazarus, Shelly Leachman, Mo Lovegreen, Erick Lankey, Joel Michaelsen, Katie Maynard, Meredith Murr, Tuyen Nguyen, Sarah Siedschlag, Jewel Snavely, Daniela Soleri, Doug Steigerwald Stuart Sweeney, Bruce Tiffney, David Tilman , Robert Wright, Barbara Walker


Our mission is to promote the basic human right of secure access to healthy food for our bodies and the Earth by partnering and coordinating with the collective expertise of local growers, vendors, and non-profits. Where campus providers, students, staff, faculty, and researchers, work together to create a food system where students and the local community have a strong connection with and knowledge of their food system, and where they develop informed choices in the selection and preparation of food that foster equitable social systems, with minimal environmental impact at the campus, community, state, and global level.


Historically the working area for food was divided into two groups: Housing & Residential Services Dining (H&RS) and The University Center (UCen). These areas cover food production on the entire campus, however soon after UC President Janet Napolitano announced that she would be putting together a UC wide food Initiative and asked all UC’s to identify areas of specialization within the areas of food availability/security, sustainability, and health/nutritional coalition of different individuals working within these areas formed. This coalition now includes 36 members consisting of a wide range of Faculty, staff, students, community members working to bridge research, academic, community, and operational efforts and to partner in the UC Food Initiative.