Measures of Success

  • 91% of UCSB students commute to and from campus using alternative transportation methods
  • The League of American Bicyclists has long recognized UCSB bicycle achievements with both a gold level Bicycle Friendly Business award and gold level Bicycle Friendly University award.
  • UCSB currently has 28 Electric Vehicle charging spaces.
  • In 2018 the Campus launched a Bike Share program


  • UCSB expects that by 2020, 98% of students will commute using alternative transportation methods.
  • By 2025, zero-emission vehicles or hybrid vehicles shall account for at least 50 percent of all new light-duty vehicles acquisitions.
  • By 2025, each location shall strive to reduce its percentage of employees and students commuting by single-occupancy vehicles (SOV) by 10 percent relative to its 2015 SOV commute rates. By 2050, each location share strive to have no more than 40 percent of its employees and no more than 30 percent of all employees and students commuting to the location by SOV.

Ongoing Practices and Programs

  • Over 10,000 people bicycle-commute between their home and UCSB on a daily basis., and, as a result, AS BIKES and UCSB are continually expanding efficient parking and continual path maintenance.
  • The University of California Santa Barbara meets the criteria by offering free/reduced price transit passes. Registered students have unlimited access to all Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) bus lines as a part of their student registration fees. Transit is paid for by a lock-in fee of $13.13 per quarter per student. Faculty and Staff receive both transit discounts and the use of pre-tax payroll deductions to pay their transit fees.
  • The University of California Santa Barbara offers a telecommuting program for employees. This option is available to those who have jobs that are conducive to telecommuting.
  • UCSB offers a variety of condensed work week options, such as 4/40s (40 hours over the course of 4 days) and 9/80s (80 hours over 9 days).
  • UCSB currently has a ZipCar program that costs $25.00 per year for students, faculty, and staff, with a beginning incentive of $35.00 free driving provided in the first month. ZipCars are accessed on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • UCSB is building local housing for faculty to reduce commute distances. The total North Campus Faculty Housing project will have over 160 units when completed. Housing for over 1,000 faculty, staff, and students is in our Long Range Development Plan and slated for construction on the west side of campus.

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