Measures of Success

  • Water consumption for the 2017/18 academic year dropped 13% below UCSB’s three-year baseline (FY2005/06, FY2007/08).


  • Reduce growth-adjusted potable water consumption 20% by 2020 and 36% by 2025, when compared to a three-year average baseline of FY2005/06, FY2006/07, and FY2007/08.

Ongoing Practices and Programs

  • UCSB continues to utilize recycled water, which is produced by Goleta Sanitary District and provided to the campus by the Goleta Water District. In the Goleta Valley, this source of water is underutilized and unstressed. In FY 2015/16, over 90% of campus was irrigated with recycled water. UCSB is also finding new ways of using recycled water, including Toilet flushing in our Residential Halls.
  • UCSB continues to also focus on significant efforts on water efficiency and conservation. In 2016 UCSB distributed and installed closed-loop cooling for 63 benchtop condensers in campus research laboratories, decreasing water usage by 47,000 gal/year per unit.

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