Reduce non-renewable energy consumption through efficiency, conservation and strategic
procurement of energy resources.



This subcommittee allows the CSC to engage a broader campus expertise, including faculty and student representatives, in addressing the issue of alternative energy. The Subcommittee discusses the question of alternative energy generation on- and off- campus. Ultimately, campus solutions to energy will be multi-pronged, involving on- and off-site generation, conservation, and a degree of reliance on fossil sources until new technologies become practical. Planning for these advances requires coordination between multiple internal and
external stakeholders. Most recently, the Alternative Energy Subcommittee has recognized the need to identify a funding source for energy efficiency and alternative energy projects that is separate from the campus Purchased Utilities Account. As time goes on and the campus grows, it will be more difficult to realize important energy reductions. This new budget will allow the campus to invest the upfront capital that is needed to fund energy projects that have an acceptable rate of return, and ultimately, save the campus money.