Personal vehicles account for more than 25% of California‚Äôs Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) per year. An Electric Vehicle (EV) in California emits 4,000 lbs. of CO2 equivalent, compared to a gas powered car which emits 15,000 lbs. making a transition to electrified or hybrid transportation is needed as soon as possible in order for us to meet global climate change mitigation targets. Unfortunately, EV/hybrid adoption in California (which has the highest adoption rate in the US) remains low. High upfront costs are often cited as common obstacles preventing car buyers from choosing an EV. The Alternative Vehicle Incentive Program was set up to help provide departments that gap in funding (in some cases, just partial funding) between a standard gas powered vehicle and an alternatively fueled vehicle.

Through the Alternative  Incentive Program, we are offering departments a rebate on the purchase of an alternatively fueled vehicle. 

~$2,500 for PHEV's 
~$3,000 for Full function EV's 
~$2,000 for Low Speed Electrics 
~$3,500 for Fuel Cell EV's

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