We will provide a regional overview of methods that agencies are using to promote or require building electrification in the Central Coast, including both new construction and retrofit opportunities.
Part 1: Reach Codes- addressing new construction

What’s an electrification reach code/ how can municipal policies require all electric new construction.

  1. The Cities of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo will present on their electrification reach codes: code development, stakeholder engagement, major barriers, and implementation
  2. 3C-REN staff will present their service to support reach code development, sharing a case study of the combined effort of County of SB, Cities of Goleta and Carpinteria working together to develop codes. Utility reach code services will also be mentioned.

Part 2: Incentives- addressing retrofit opportunities                   

There are two regional programs that bring down prices of electrification measures in existing buildings through incentive payments. Both programs have an equity component, offering highest incentives for projects with underserved customers. The programs are complementary and contractors benefit most when enrolled in both opportunities. There was also a recent statewide incentive program (TECH) associated with rapid deployment of heat pumps- we’ll look at how the Central Coast benefited as compared to the rest of the state.

  1. 3CE/Tech will present their incentive program to pay for residential electrification projects and highlight the rapid subscription of the statewide program.
  2. 3C-REN will present on their incentive program to pay for the measured therm savings associated with electrification projects


April Price, Energy Portfolio Manager, Sustainability Division, Santa Barbara County/3C-REN

Alelia Parenteau, Acting Sustainability & Resilience Director, Sustainability & Resilience, City of Santa Barbara

Lucia Pohlman, Sustainability and Natural Resources Analyst, City of San Luis Obispo

Gray Gautereaux, County of San Luis Obispo/3C-REN

Jon Griesser, Director of Energy Programs, Central Coast Community Energy.

Jon Griesser is the Director of Energy Programs for Central Coast Community Energy. Previously, he served as Manager of Energy Programs for the County of San Luis Obispo and Co-Director of the Tri-County Regional Energy Network. He has served on the boards of the San Luis Obispo County Green Business Program, SLO Climate Coalition, Local Government Sustainable Energy Coalition, and California Rural and Hard to Reach Working Group. Prior to working in the public sector in California, Jon was a sustainability consultant in Vermont working with cities, universities, and corporations. Jon has a master’s degree in environmental science and policy from Bard College and a master’s degree in business administration from Champlain College.