The Center for Energy Efficient Materials (CEEM) at the University of California, Santa Barbara, offers undergraduate students the opportunity to work on cutting-edge original research under the guidance of a graduate student mentor and faculty adviser. As CEEM interns, UCSB undergraduates work to develop innovative solutions to current and future clean energy challenges, focusing on four key areas: photovoltaics, thermoelectrics, solid-state lighting, and energy storage.

During the academic year, student interns work approximately 100 hours per quarter, and during the summer, the internship is a full time commitment and immersive experience. In addition to research experience, the program provides opportunities for professional development through workshops and research seminars.

Specific projects that students have been involved in include investigating performance degradation in polymer solar cells, synthesizing novel platinum-carbon composites for fuel cell catalysts, and studying the optimal geometry for maximum absorption in thin-film solar cells.

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