Measures of Success

  • Perfect score in the Diversity and Affordability section of the AASHE STARS Assessment
  • Federally designated at a Hispanic Serving Institution by the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities.  First campus in the AAU to receive this designation.
  • The percentage of women hired for the employment year 2011-2012, both white and minority, came to 62.5%. This is the highest percentage of women hired at UCSB since the campus began to keep track of these statistics in the 1970s.
  • In Fall 2011, 30% of our freshman class was composed of underrepresented minorities.


  • All electronic waste disposed of by any University of California campus must be processed by a Basel Action Network certified recycler

Ongoing Practices and Programs

  • Educating Leaders for the Future: inspires youth to pursue sustainable academic and career pathways.  Sustainability is being integrated into every sector of our economy and every major in higher education and yet not enough programs are preparing our youth for this shift.   More youth will also be inspired to go to college when they learn how their studies can be relevant to their own lives. Sustainability is a great way to highlight this link. Our focus is on youth and families who have limited access to sustainability-based or environmental education.
  • Environmental Justice Coalition


  • Indigenous Voices on Climate Change

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