There are numerous Sustainability funds and programs operated on campus that could benefit from donations.  If you wish to donate to one of the programs highlighted below, please send email to Kiya Gornik.  Also, be sure to check out the links below for a more detailed look at recent success stories from our programs.

General UCSB Sustainability – Sustainability at UCSB covers all focus areas including water, waste, climate change, transportation, academia, communication, and more.  Your donation will be used to implement projects in these areas to acheive our goals at UCSB and further foster the culture of sustainability.


The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) – TGIF was the first green fee in the UC System. Students voted with an overwhelming majority to pay $2.60 per quarter to “reduce the University’s impact on the environment.” TGIF provides funding for projects which green our campus and reduce UCSB’s impact on the environment.  


Intern Program – The UCSB Sustainability Internship Program offers a wide array of opportunities for current undergraduate and graduate students to participate in campus and community based programs and initiatives.  We serve as a launching point for new internship projects, much like an incubator for start-up companies.


New Leaf Grant Program – The New Leaf Grant Program provides funding to Faculty and Lecturers who wish to integrate principles of stustainability into their courses. Funding is provided by the Chancellor’s Sustainability Committee (CSC), but additional donations can further the reach and mission of New Leaf, allowing faculty to teach sustainability in more courses on campus.


Faculty Sustainability Champion – The goal of the Sustainability Champion is to recognize faculty innovation and encourage ongoing research and teaching in sustainability. Faculty submit competitive proposals that promise to engage students in sustainability issues and provide campus-wide leadership in sustainability in education and research. Awardees are selected by a committee.


The Edible Campus Initiative aims to address food insecurity locally, especially for students, while promoting sustainability as a whole within food systems. This initiative also builds educational programs that address social, environmental, and economic aspects of the food system. Join us as we encourage individuals to reclaim their personal connection to the land and their food, to learn sustainable and permaculture farming and gardening practices, and to better understand the connection between food waste, soil, and the food that nourishes our community. Gifts to this fund will support innovative projects which repurpose underutilized spaces for food production for those in need, such as the Campus Farm, Urban Orchard, and Vertical Garden projects. To give directly to the Edible Campus Initiative, please visit our giving page.