new leaf

The 2007-2025 Strategic Academic Plan names the Environment as an important interdisciplinary theme for research and teaching. New Leaf is a grant program that seeks proposals from faculty or lecturers that wish to infuse concepts of sustainability into their courses. The program was developed by the Academic Senate Sustainability Workgroup and the Chancellor’s Campus Sustainability Committee, in collaboration with Instructional Development. The goal of the New Leaf Grant Program is to award money to faculty and lecturers to better equip them to catalyze the integration of sustainability into courses across disciplines.

New Leaf grant money can be used for software, inexpensive equipment for a cource module, videos, graduate student support and faculty release time.  Funding for these grants is provided by the Chancellor’s Campus Sustainability Committee, and proposal review is managed by the Academic Senate Sustainability Workgroup. The proposal process and grant administration is managed by Instructional Development.

To find out more inforamtion, please visit the New Leaf website.

Your donation can be used to increase the funding available for faculty to incorporate sustainability into their courses. Sustainability is an interdisciplinary issue and can be taught in the context of a variety of courses.  All students are affected by sustainability, not only those studying Environmental Science.  A gift can contribue to proliferating the integration of sustainability into the education that students receive at UCSB.

If you wish to make a contribution, please contact Matt Fratus (