The University of California, Santa Barbara is committed to taking actions today for a better tomorrow.


Academics  47% of Departments offer at least one course related to sustainability


Water  Last year potable water decreased 11% below UCSB’s three-year baseline (Fiscal Year 2005/06 through Fiscal Year 2007/08).

Built Environment

Built Environment  UCSB has over 2 Million square feet of building space certified under the LEED rating system

climate change

Climate Change  Achieved 2020 GHG Reduction Target (1990 Levels)

Community Action

Community Partnerships  At least 6 ongoing sustainability programs partner with the community

Economic Sustainability

Economic Sustainability  TGIF and Coastal Fund give students the opportunity to learn about grant-making and to be their own funders


Food  41% of all food purchases for the dining commons are locally grown or distributed

Landscape and Biotic Environment

Landscape and Biotic Environment  Our landscapes filter stormwater


Purchasing  All equipment purchased is Energy Star (when an Energy Star option is available)

Social Equity

Social Equity  At least 6 ongoing sustainability programs partner with the community


Transportation  7 Miles of Class 1 Bike Paths.

Plastic materials from recycling bin

Waste  69% Waste Diversion Rate.


Suggestions  What else do you think UCSB should be doing to be more sustainable?