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Surplus Chemical Exchange


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The Surplus Chemical Program reduces chemical waste streams and saves money. Chemical use is  essential to the operations of many laboratories larson campus, making chemicals an important resource to protect. Recipients of reagents can be confident of chemical quality and purity when accepting chemicals screened and logged by EH&S. By using surplus reagents, you will avert significant energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from chemical manufacturing.

Photo: Two hands exchanging a chemical


Photo: Free Chemicals
Surplus scintillation cocktail worth $50 per bottle.

To minimize waste in laboratories, LabRATS promotes and facilitates UCSB’s Surplus Chemical Program. Thanks to a grant from student-funded TGIF, we are working with EH&S to expand and refine the program and its website.

The new website will include an expanded and updated inventory of all the chemicals in storage, complete with pictures and descriptions relevant for labs interested in getting free chemicals. Users will also be able to place on-line requests for pick-up and drop-off. This website will be online within the next year.

The program is run through EH&S and currently houses over 150 chemicals ready to be redistributed. Some of the chemicals in the program are valued at more than 200 dollars a bottle. To see a list of what is currently in stock visit the current surplus chemical website.

Photo: Free Chemicals
Acid, bases and salts are the most common surplus reagents.