Library Research Resources

University of California, Santa Barbara provides an array of support for sustainability research through the library including:

Research guides for a variety of sustainability-focused and related courses, such as Business Planning (, Approaches to University Writing for Multilingual Students: Campus Sustainability (, Environmental Studies Capstone (, Writing about Sustainability (, Writing for Environmental Studies (, Conservation Ecology (, and Environmental Politics and Policymaking ( The course guides provide a variety of information and resources, such as links to articles, databases, websites, and techniques for accessing other library resources. For example, the course guide for Business Planning (WRIT 107B) includes a section that defines sustainability and corporate sustainability management, and it provides lists of books, reference materials, online articles, and websites that discuss how corporations incorporate and manage sustainability initiatives. Another course guide, Approaches to University Writing for Multilingual Students: Campus Sustainability (LING 12), includes a reference of key terms and search phrases for students to use in order to effectively access other library resources and has a links to outside resources, such as Sustainability Science Abstracts, that can be accessed through the University’s subscription. Each course guide provides different resources that are specific to the students needs when they complete research and other assignments for the course.

A collection of general Environmental Science resources ( such as information on Green Careers, Endangered Species, Field Guides, Environmental Science resources in the Santa Barbara area, and information on Sustainability in Higher Education are also available. (

The UCSB Library also provides a subscription to the database, Sustainability Science Abstracts, and links to the freely accessible GreenFILE database. It has 40 current journal subscriptions in sustainable development and over 1000 in the environmental sciences.