In addition to completing a PACES assessment, our team can provide additional consulting services to help your department achieve its sustainability goals. If you are interested in any of the following services, please contact our Green Certification Coordinators at

  • Energy Audit: PACES can evaluate departmentally controlled rooms to determine baseline energy use. This will require access to each room for 2-3 minutes for visual assessments and light readings. We do not need to unplug equipment. UCSB's Energy Dashboard may be a useful tool in tracking the energy use of various buildings on campus. 
  • Waste Audit: If requested in advance, we can discuss the possibility of performing a building-wide waste audit. During the audit, we would collaborate with the custodians to collect waste and then sort these materials via our volunteers. 
  • Grant Writing: Does your department have an idea for an environmental initiative and need some additional funding? PACES can help your department submit a project proposal to the TGIF (The Green Initiative Fund) Grants Making Committee. Our team can assist with walking you through the application process, writing the grant, and creating a project timeline. Examples of projects funded in previous years include the Theater and Dance rehearsal space lighting retrofit to reduce the energy consumption by 70%; San Clemente Compost Pilot Project to divert food waste from the landfill; and CHESC (California Higher Education Sustainability Conference) scholarships for students to explore and learn from sustainability professionals. 
  • Green Labs: Does your department have a laboratory space that needs to be renovated with sustainable features? PACES can connect you with LabRATS for laboratory assessments, best lab waste management practices, and information on their surplus chemical exchange program.
  • Workshops: PACES can hold workshops on various topic areas including sustainable purchasing, energy, and waste organization. 


Targeted Programs: Do you have a project you would like to pursue regarding sustainability? Our team can help you! In the past we have worked with the Theater and Dance Costume Shop to create a linen recycling program.


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