PACES Sports Team Certification recognizes sports teams moving towards sustainability. Sports teams play a large role on campus and can have an even broader influence to foster a sustainable culture here at UC Santa Barbara. The goal of the certification is to engage and educate student sports leaders on best ecological practices for the organization and every individual involved. We aim to provide tools and resources for the team to run more efficiently and ecologically-conscious.

We benchmark a sports team based on their: 

  1. Engagement with the Community 

  2. Energy and Water Usage

  3. Purchasing

  4. Wate Management

  5. Accommodation and Transportation 

  6. Communication 

The certification profess is conducted based on the team's availability and preferred timeline. If a team hosts larger events such as tournaments, the team may also participate in a PACES Green Events certification. For more information and to participate, please email pacesinterns@gmail.com. 

Assessment Process

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