Over the past year, the County of Santa Barbara, the City of Goleta, and the City of Carpinteria have collaborated to develop all-electric reach codes for their respective jurisdictions. Modeled after the building electrification policies first passed by the City of Santa Barbara, representatives of these multiple jurisdictions collaborated to engage with policy experts at 3C-REN and electric utilities, the building community, chambers of commerce, realtors' associations, and the broader community to refine reach code policies. By collaborating on the development of the policies regionally, the jurisdictions were able to hold public workshops and advisory meetings together, leveraging resources and reaching hundreds of stakeholders in 2022-2023. Public workshops were held both virtually and in-person paired with induction cooktop demonstrations. While new all-electric reach codes have temporarily stalled statewide due to litigation challenges, Santa Barbara’s South Coast local governments are still working to meet the state’s decarbonization goals through creative approaches. 

The presentation will focus on regional collaboration best practices, lessons learned from the City of Santa Barbara’s 1+ years of reach code implementation, and the next steps for each jurisdiction in tackling building electrification and decarbonization of the building stock.


Dana Murray, (Moderator) Sustainability Manager, City of Goleta Planning & Environmental Review Dept. Dana Murray has over 20 years of professional experience in the environmental field and is currently the Sustainability Manager for the City of Goleta where she leads the City's sustainability policies and programs related to climate action, renewable energy, climate adaptation and resiliency, and plastic pollution reduction. 

Garrett Wong, Climate Program Manager, County of Santa Barbara Sustainability Division. Garrett Wong is the Climate Program Manager in the Sustainability Division of the Santa Barbara County Community Services Department. Garrett leads the County’s One Climate Initiative, the development of the 2030 Climate Action Plan, and the Santa Barbara County Regional Climate Collaborative.

Erin Maker, Environmental Program Manager, City of Carpinteria Sustainability Division
Erin Maker has more than 15 years of experience working in local government, currently as the Environmental Program Manager for the City of Carpinteria managing the Sustainability and Environment Division.  She oversees the energy, solid waste, and watershed management programs, as well as climate adaptation and mitigation capital projects. She believes that a collaborative approach to climate adaptation with a strong focus on inclusive community engagement is important.

Kristian Hoffland, Energy & Climate Analyst, City of Santa Barbara Sustainability & Resilience Department. Kristian works City of Santa Barbara’s Energy & Climate division focusing on buildings and vehicle decarbonization efforts including developing and managing EV charger installation contracts and incentives, climate action planning, NZE building design assistance, and natural gas prohibition education and resource planning. Previously he worked in the City of Washington DC developing building energy performance standards and developing and enforcing the nation’s most stringent green and energy codes after working for several years as a project architect.

Angeline Foshay, Sustainability Analyst, City of Goleta Planning & Environmental Review Dept. Angeline Foshay is a Sustainability Analyst for the City of Goleta, with over 5 years of experience working in local climate and energy policy. Angeline develops and oversees clean energy-related projects and policies and provides support for sustainable policy development across departments.