Sustainability research at UCSB bridges a wide range of disciplines and utilizes various methodologies to provide up to date knowledge on topics such as resource management, climate change, biological health, the built environment and energy efficiency. Researchers from anthropology and environmental studies, to biology and physics, all work to investigate sustainable practices and find solutions to problems affecting our everyday lives. UCSB prides itself in providing numerous research opportunities to undergraduate students.

Here’s how you can get involved:

E-mail a faculty member
The best way to join a specific faculty member’s research group is to contact them directly. Browse through current sustainability research by topic (below) to get a feel for your interests. Pick a few faculty members in your interest areas and contact them directly. Show your enthusiasm and tell them what you have to offer.

Research by Topic
Built Environment
Climate Change
Energy Efficiency 
Environment in Fine Arts
Cultural Perspectives
Environmental Economics
Environmental Policy, Governance & Engagement 
Environmental Media
Environmental Justice
Marine/Aquatic Biology, Biodiversity, Ecology & Oceanography
Marine Conservation and Fisheries Management
Renewable & Alternative Energy
Agriculture and Food Systems
Terrestrial Biology, Biodiversity, Ecology & Earth Science
Urban Planning, Development & Transportation
Water Resources Management
*Other Environmental Research

Explore the Office of Research
Another way to explore your research options is to visit the Office of Research’s Undergraduate Research website. Here you will find more information on current research across multiple subject areas.

Conduct your own Research
Itching to do your own research? Explore the College of Letters and Science Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities program which allows students to perform independent studies or senior theses on topics of their choice. Many programs can provide upper division academic credit for your work.

Research Programs on Campus
Many institutions and programs on campus offer research opportunities for undergraduates. Below is a list of research programs that students can get involved with:
Center for Energy Efficient Materials Undergraduate Research Program

Additional Resources
UCSB Library Resources