Shared Instrumentation was a project started back in 2013 with the goal of saving the environment.  This idea stemmed from inefficient laboratory equipment usage.  Being such a high quality research school, UCSB’s laboratories need a plethora of equipment to operate.  Often times, however, different laboratories need the same equipment and will both purchase the instrument.

Shared Instrumentation offers a solution to reduce costs, time and save the environment. Using a centralized database of instruments, different laboratories can view what inventory of instruments another laboratory has.  For example, say the Materials Research Lab (MRL) needs a confocal microscope.  Using the Shared Instrumentation website, they can see that X-Ray Facility has a few of these microscopes.  Researchers at the MRL can rent the microscopes from the X-Ray Facility at a lower price (or free!), get the instrument in less time and be more environmental  friendly.

Shared Instrumentation also includes information about the instrument’s accessibility, contact information and a link to the facility’s website.

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