Barry Colwell, Chuck Haines (Director, Marc Fisher, Mo Lovegreen, Igor Mezic, Andrew Riley, Jordan Sager (Chair), Dennis Whelan, Jack Wolever


Amorette Getty (Chair) Sandro Sanchez, David P McHale, Mo Lovegreen, Ruben Diaz, Richard Dewey, David Vandenberg, Pam Lombardo , Joseph Harkins, Jesse Bickley, Jordan Sager, Jewel Snavely


To provide education and seek resources to transform the UCSB campus design, development, construction, and modification process to ensure an energy efficient and environmentally responsible built environment.

Lab Ventilation Sub-Committee background:

Approximately one half of UCSB’s daily energy demand supports the operation and ventilation of campus research laboratories. The desire to improve the efficiency of lab ventilation spurred the recent formation of the Lab Ventilation Committee on campus. The Lab Ventilation Committee, supported by UCOP, works to optimize lab ventilation that is well-integrated into the campus fabric and sensitive to maintenance, health and safety concerns. The Committee also scrutinizes the face velocity of fume hoods, and has equipped some fume hoods in newer buildings with an occupancy sensor, which sets the air velocity to 70 linear feet per minute back from 100lfm when the hood is not used.

Contact: Jordan Sager