TGIF 2006-2007 Funding Cycle Awarded Projects

During the 2006-2007 funding cycle 18 projects applied, requesting a total of $490,000. Of those projects, 10 were awarded funds, totaling $150,000, and nine accepted their awards.

Laboratory Mercury Thermometer Exchange ($6,490)

Collect mercury thermometers from campus laboratories and replace them with accurate alternatives that are safe and non-toxic.

Final Report

Adopt – A – Chemical ($17,791)

Create a website and an outreach program for the current Adopt – A – Chemical program, facilitating chemical reuse and waste minimization.

Final Report

Sustainable Business Plan Award ($7,250)

Add a sustainable business plan award to the existing business plan competition sponsored by the Writing Program.

Final Report

Zero Waste, One Step Ahead of the Game ($24,731)
Implement a comprehensive waste management program in Ellison hall that will achieve 75% waste diversion by 2008 and zero waste by 2012.

Final Report

Waterless Urinal Installation ($10,242)
Remove and recycle a total of 9 high consumption urinals and replace them with Waterless urinals in Campbell Hall and North Hall.

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Children of the Corn ($10,884)

Educate campus undergraduates about how much of their diet is based on corn from the Midwest, and the source of their tap and bottled water.

Greenhouse and Garden Project ($26,350)
Expand educational opportunities and hands on learning by replacing the old dilapidated greenhouse with new high quality structure.

Final Report

Laboratory Assessments for Research Sustainability ($20,617)

Promote sustainable practices in laboratories through education and encouraging behavioral changes.

Curriculum Development ($1,500)

Educate interested faculty members on how they can infuse sustainability into their curriculum.