TGIF 2007-2008 Funding Cycle Awarded Projects

During the 2007-2008 funding cycle 20 projects applied, requesting a total of $530,000. Of those projects, 11 were awarded funds, totaling $145,000.

Ecological Coalition ($2,856.60)

A network of campus and local student groups who have a shared interest in sustainability.

Documentary of the Rec Cen’s Photovoltaic Installation ($2,588.00)

This project will create a 20-30-minute documentary on UCSB’s first large-scale (133 kWh) photovoltaic installation on the Rec Cen’s Multi-Activity Center (MAC).

Solar Power for CCBER ($55,960.00)

Installation of a 7.6 kWh photovoltaic array on the roof of the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration under Harder Stadium, which will provide 30% of the office’s electricity.

Natural Gas Meters ($6,000.00)

Three natural gas meters with remote access will be installed on three buildings: Ellison Hall, Campbell Hall, and Davidson Library. The meters will allow for baseline measurements prior to the buildings’ LEED certification.

Waterless Urinal Installation ($20,120.00)

Remove and recycle a total of 20 high water consumption urinals and replace them with Waterless urinals in Ellison Hall, Cheadle Hall, and Davidson Library.

Green Cosmology ($20,300.00)

Installation of a 4 kWh photovoltaic array on the roof of the White Mountain Research Station located at 13,000 feet in the Eastern Sierras.

No Spectrometer Left Behind ($10,384.00)

A LabRATS web- and people-based program for laboratory equipment exchange that will reduce the amount of equipment that ends up in the Central Stores “graveyard” and ultimately in the landfill.

The Sustainable Media Team ($6,346.00)

A coalition of media organizations around the UCSB campus dedicated to raising awareness of programs, events, people, and projects that aim to reduce the University’s impact on the environment.

The Gaucho CarShare Program ($10,800.00)

An on-campus hourly car rental, ZipCar, placed near the student dorms in Lot 9 for their exclusive use in order to reduce the number of cars brought to campus.

Sustainable Business Plan Competition ($3,649.00)

Part II of a TGIF project funded in 2006-07 to infuse upper-division professional writing classes with sustainable principles and provide cash awards for the best business plans that look at the triple bottom line: environment, society, and profit.

Green Chemistry ($7,384.87)

A LabRATS program that will develop a plan and implement a set of pilot programs to reduce hazardous chemicals used in undergraduate laboratory courses at UCSB.