TGIF 2009-10 Funding Cycle Awarded Projects

During the 2009-2010 funding cycle 27 projects applied, requesting a total of $650,000. Of those projects, 13 were awarded funds totaling $160,350.

Plastic Bottle Reduction Project ($2,450.67)

This project will install a filtered water spigot in the Arbor Store to encourage the use of reusable water bottles and decrease the purchase of bottled water

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Utility Conservation Incentive Program ($4,138.35)

This project will fund a summer student intern to perform research on decentralizing the UCSB utility bills, providing a more direct incentive for departments to reduce their energy consumption

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Energy Efficient Exercise Equipment ($6,500.00)

This project will retrofit existing treadmills in the Rec Cen, allowing them to generate electricity for the building while people work out

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Multiple Building Waste Audits ($10,200.00)

This project will allow the student-run Program for the Assessment and Certification for the Environment and Sustainability (PACES) to perform waste audits on ten UCSB buildings in the process of being LEED-Existing Building certified.

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Laboratory Competition ($12,780.62)

This project will allow the student-run LabRATS program to increase the sustainability of UCSB laboratories through competitive incentives for participants.

Water Conservation Initiative ($4,138.35)

This project will provide funding for a summer student intern to perform research on ways to reduce the campus’ potable water use and conserve water.

Harder Stadium Bathroom Fixtures ($17,936.00)

This project will retrofit the old bathroom fixtures (faucets, toilets, etc.) to help conserve water, hopefully in time for the NCAA Final Four Soccer Tournament in late 2010.

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Hatlen Theater LED Stage Lights ($22,800.00)

This project will replace two rows of traditional stage lights with LED lights, which will significantly reduce energy consumed and the heat produced by the older lights.

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Energy Efficient Hand Dryers ($4,756.00)

This project will install two “air blade” hand dryers in Bren Hall’s third floor laboratory wing bathrooms as a way to reduce waste from paper towel use.

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High Speed Electric Vehicle Charging Stations ($11,000.00)

This project will install an electric vehicle charging station in Parking 22 to help encourage the use of electric over gas-powered vehicles commuting to campus.

Wind Turbines at the White Mountain Research Station ($18,500.00)
This project will install, with the help of UCSB Physics students, a wind turbine to power a UCSB research facility, potentially powering the station completely off the grid.

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Building Energy Visualization ($20,000.00)

This project will display a monitor in the Student Resources Building lobby showing the building’s and its occupants’ energy inefficiencies in order to make SRB are more energy efficient building.

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Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory (SNARL) Photovoltaic System ($20,000.00)
This project will help offset the cost of a photovoltaic solar array on a UCSB research facility in order to reduce the amount of energy consumed by the building and its occupants.

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