This session will showcase current regional collaboration and the benefits the arise when local governments work together. The panelists each represent a local government and will focus on different areas of collaboration, including the new climate collaborative, the new 3C REN (regional energy network), the South County Energy Efficiency Collaborative (SCEEP) and the Strategic Energy Planning efforts.

The presentations will be organized to share information about the impetus for each collaboration, what best practices emerged and how each local government benefited and how the community was engaged and helped shape the outcomes. There will also be some focus on future collaboration opportunities and how the community and other practitioners can tap into these efforts to help in the fight against climate change.



Alelia Parenteau, Energy Program Supervisor, Public Works, City of Santa Barbara

Ashley Watkins, Division Chief, General Services/Sustainability Division

Erin Maker, Environmental Coordinator, Public Works, City of Carpinteria

Cindy Moore, Sustainability Coordinator, Planning & Environmental Review, City of Goleta