The Sustainable Transportation Committee (STC) provides recommendations to the Chancellor on the best ways to increase alternative commute modes for faculty, staff, and students, such as the use of flexible schedules, telecommuting, proximal housing, walking, bicycling, carpooling, vanpooling, and rail. 

In Academic Year 2011/2012, the Transportation Team converted to a Chancellor’s Sustainability Committee Subcommittee on Transportation.

In academic year 2013/2014 the Chancellor’s Sustainability Committee Subcommittee on Transportation was merged with the Transportation Alternatives Board.

Members: Ken Hiltner (Chair), Arjun Sarkar, Adam Jahnke, Britt Ortiz, Caroline Ackley, Eva Inbar, Richard Flacks, Roland Geyer, Greg Janée, Hillary Blackerby, Jacky Tangfamily, Jason Langley, Jerry Estrada, Joy Sanap, Kristin Antelman, Kat Chu, Katie Maynard, Michael D. Becker, Melody Jue, Nestor Covarrubias, Rick Church, Eve Sanford, Sarah Siedschlag, Sean Burns, Shari Hammond, Tyler Barton, Jewel Persad, AS Bicycle Committee Chair 

TAP Contact:
Fleet Contact: Arjun Sarkar