Sustainable Reporting

UC Santa Barbara reports on sustainability performance in various reporting systems in order to track campus sustainability progress and assess areas for improvement. 

UC Annual Report on Sustainable Practices 
UC Santa Barbara annually assesses its progress on the goals outlined in the UC Policy on Sustainable Practices. The data collected is published in the Annual Report on Sustainable Practices along with data from other UC campuses. UC Santa Barbara's on UC sustainability goals can be found here.

Sustainability Assessment, Tracking and Rating Systems (STARS) 
UC Santa Barbara maintains a certified report in STARS, by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). STARS is a comprehensive sustainability rating system for colleges and universities that addresses environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability. 

The Climate Registry 
UC Santa Barbara  reports its official Scope I and II emissions to the nonprofit The Climate Registry (TCR), a nonprofit emissions registry for North America. These emissions follow TCR's General Reporting Protocol, are third-party verified, and are reported publically on TCR's website

Sustainability Planning 

Draft Green Lab Action Plan

2019 Green Lab Action Plan


Campus Sustainability Plan

Draft 2018 Campus Sustainability Plan

2013 Campus Sustainability Plan


Carbon Neutrality planning

2016 Draft Climate Action Plan

2012 Climate Action Plan

2010 Climate Action Plan

2009 Climate Action Plan

Water Action Plan

2017 UCSB Draft Water Action Plan 

2013 UCSB Water Action Plan

Water Consumption Report Fiscal Year 2015 – 2016

University of California Santa Barbara Water Consumption Report for 2015

Waste Diversion Plan


2020 Zero Waste Plan

2013 Waste Diversion Plan

2012 UCSB Waste Diversion Plan


Commuter Mode Split Results


2023 Commuter Mode Split Results

2022 Commuter Mode Split Results

2019 Commuter Mode Split Results

2018 Commuter Mode Split Results

2017 Commuter Mode Split Results

2016 Commuter Mode Split Survey Results 

2013 Transportation Report


UC Sustainable Food Service Working Group

UC Sustainable Food Service Working Group 2015/16 Annual Report: UC Santa Barbara

UC Sustainable Food Service Working Group 2014/15 Annual Report: UC Santa Barbara

UCSB Sustainable Food Policy Annual Report UCOP: 2013-2014


Other Plans and Reports